Charm Beads - The Latest Jewellery Trend

Published: 27th September 2011
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How can such a little piece of jewellery become so popular amongst all age groups, the charm bead bracelets is a jewellery trend which started a few years ago now and it’s no longer possible to walk past a jeweller’s window without seeing them. They have offered jewellery wearers a whole new concept buy allowing you to make your own unique piece of jewellery.

It started with the bead bracelet; being in sterling silver they were relatively affordable to most costing around £45 to £50 for the Chrysalis bracelets and then you add the glass charm beads and silver spacers. The beads and spacers will range in price largely, depending on the brand, which you choose to buy. Another factor to consider when purchasing silver spacers is to ensure they are sterling silver and not silver plated. Again with the glass beads look for a sterling silver insert or core.

Soon after they become popular we have an ever increasing way to wear your beads, from leather bracelets, necklaces and even earrings and rings where you can slide on one bead. The choices are endless with this new trend in jewellery. These alternative ways to wearing beads make an ideal birthday present for someone who already has a bead collection.

The Chrysalis range features many beads and spacers and they all have names too! The spacers are made from sterling silver and the plated in rhodium for added appearance and durability. The glass beads will have the sterling silver insert and these are beautiful hand finished.

Our two favourite beads from this collection is the Black Panther bead, which is a black bead with a silver foil strip around the outside. The other being Roma which is a beautiful pale pink bead with white dots and a silver foil strip. The ranges are endless and now even include genuine amber beads.

Silver spacers are designed to between your glass beads; these add that little sparkle to your bracelet. You can choose a silver spacer, which allows you to add your clip on charms to your bracelet too, so you can remember those special moments in life.

When choosing a bracelet we would recommend allowing an extra 1cm to the length over a normal bracelet as the more beads you add the slightly smaller it will become. The bracelets are available with feature clasps for a more interesting look featuring a butterfly or poppy.

When buying these little beads for your daughter, sister, mum or loved one choose the colour that matches some of her favourite outfits and then you are sure to be onto a winner.

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